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The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been closed to new applicants since August 20, 2020. Although Congress is still considering extending the program, nothing has yet to become official. Millions of small businesses have applied for this type of loan since the beginning of the pandemic. But now, some of these applicants that have been approved for PPP loans and received funding are trying to return the loans in fear they have possibly committed fraud.

Many small businesses have turned to these loans, and similar types because they needed it to survive. But uncertainty remains around the use, rules and regulations of these “forgivable” loans. Guidelines were slowly introduced over many weeks and, even with that, questions about loan usage still remain. Many have even returned the funds and found themselves in an even worse situation.

What is certain and has been stated by the government is that the Treasury will hold businesses liable that took out unnecessary PPP loans. This has caused massive confusion (and anxiety) over this program that was supposed to be direct and easy for struggling small business owners.

As a word of advice, it is wise to keep in touch with your lender for guidance and updates on rule changes. They will help you remain aware of modifications that can affect your ability to use your funding, legally. This will help avoid sacrificing full loan forgiveness.

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