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PPP Fraud

Avoiding PPP Loan Fraud

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been closed to new applicants since August 20, 2020. Although Congress is still considering extending the...
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Cash Flow Strategy

A Cash Flow Strategy

A cash flow strategy for small business and debt relief are necessary in these uncertain economic times.  American Finasco has been successful...
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Are MCAs right for right now

Are MCAs helpful during this pandemic?

Is an MCA helpful to my business during this pandemic? Covid-19 has continued to have a devastating effect on many small businesses....
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how your business can be debt free

We Can Help!

Creditors will often take a large reduction for a lump sum payment. American Finasco’s debt solution services can settle your debt and...
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Financial Freedom

Is There Truth to Financial Freedom?

Is financial freedom a myth? For many small business owners, it seems to be. If you feel that finances control your life...
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returning to normal

Returning to “Normal”

It may be quite some time before business returns to normal. Re-think, re-evaluate and prepare your business for a successful future. Let...
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Cash is King

Cash is King

The future of the economy is more unknown than any time in recent history, but what we do know is “Cash Is...
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Using Credit Cards during the pandemic

Business Credit Cards During the Pandemic

Many businesses are facing troubling times amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. In another time, choosing between the health and safety for yourself,...
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Covid affects on small business

Pandemic Worries for your Small Business?

Missed loan application deadlines? Worried there is no hope for your business? We can help you create a short-term plan for a...
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CoVid Business Debt? You are not alone

In Debt? You’re Not Alone

If you have spent the last few months in quarantine and relying on your credit cards and other forms of unsecured debt...
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