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Long and Short-term debt Part II

Short-term debt Also known as current liabilities, a company’s financial obligations are expected to be paid off within a year. Short-term debt...
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Long-term and Short-term Debt Part I

Short-term and long-term debt are two options businesses have for borrowing money. The main difference between the two is the repayment period....
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MCA: Friend or Foe?

Although merchant cash advance (MCA) seems a quick and easy option to get immediate funds for your business, these cash advances carry...
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Risks for your small business

Owning your own business has many advantages. It can be extremely rewarding, and you are your own boss. It allows more independence...
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Find Debt Relief for your business with American Finasco

Business Debt Relief can reduce business debts, pay creditors, and ensure your business is still profitable! Eliminate those harassing collection calls by...
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3rd party intervention for your small business

3rd Party Intervention: Relief From Debt

Many small business owners find it challenging to manage their business, finances, and debt. Debt is overwhelming, and stressful, leading to serious...
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Going out of business

Dissolving a company, or going out of business is a tough process. Even after a company closes, outstanding debt does not go...
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Tax Savvy- Part 2!  

How to Stay on Top of Your Taxes Tax season can be a little frightening for small business owners. If you pay...
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become tax savvy this year

Become tax-savvy this year

If you own a small business without a dedicated bookkeeper or accountant, there’s a possibility you aren’t covering the basics. But it’s...
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Eliminate Debt with American Finasco

How you can eliminate small business debt

There is a way to get control of your business debt. It does not always mean you have to close your doors...
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