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A network of attorneys is available to handle necessary legal matters and court filings on your behalf. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of most other attorneys

Third-party Intervention facilitates a new line of communication between debtors and creditors. The resulting solutions are extremely attractive to business owners.



Commercial Debt Reduction:

Overwhelming debt can kill a business.Even the most successful businesses can have a huge payroll, not to mention taxes, rent and utilities. Seeking commercial debt reduction is often a top Read More

An Alternative to Bankruptcy :

When a company has more debt than it has income, it can find itself in an over-whelming situation, and could even face bankruptcy. When that happens, many other problems can arise. Read More

Business Debt Relief:

When a business owner needs to find a way to reduce his or her debt obligations, business debt relief can be a breath of fresh air. It is common with most businesses to have… Read More

Business Debt Settlement:

When a business owner has run into a situation where he or she has accumulated too much debt and bankruptcy is not a desirable road to travel, he or she might want to consider seeking… Read More

Merchant Cash Advance:

Merchant Beware! Business owners looking for quick financing think. Merchant Cash Advance is quick cash. Merchant Cash Advance Providers say their financing product is not… Read More

Private Mortgage Financing Partners (PMF):

One of the advantages of working with American Finasco (AF) is having access to our sister company Private Mortgage Financing (PMF) Partners…Read More



American Finasco, Inc. provides a variety of services to corporations who are unable to meet all or a portion of their current financial obligations.Established in 1987 as a Commercial debt management company in Houston, Texas, American Finasco has served thousands of clients in all regions of the United states.

The profile of American Finasco’s client is a closely held, under-capitalized corporation, with gross revenue between $500,000 and $100,000,000. As a result of various monetary demands made upon our clients, most are forced to deal with legal demands, collection agents, and other events that distract management from the primary needs of the business. Read More



 A network of attorneys is available to handle necessary legal matters and court filings on your behalf. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of most other attorneys who will ask for a large retainer before they will accept the case.This referring attorney network is a major difference in American Finasco’s continued success. Few, If any competitors offer this service to their clients.



If you are a small business owner or president, and are considering a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, you should carefully review the changes in the newest law, which took effect on October 17, 2005. The law (BAPCPA) named “The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005” has not only made it much tougher for consumers filing bankruptcy, but has also included several changes that are not friendly to small business owners.

  • Michigan

    A small business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that replaces damaged glass on automobiles assigned one claim with a high profile yellow page advertising company. This advertising endeavor was not only unsuccessful but the client felt the aggressive yellow pages
  • Maryland

    A mail order gift catalog company in Maryland imported and sold specialty items mostly from France. Their sales plummeted when many American consumers stopped purchasing French Products due to the political events of the iraqi war and 9-11.
  • Arizona

    A charter school in Arizona in operation since 1984 suffering from decreased student enrollment, competition and significant decreased of funds from governmental contributions assigned one lawsuit claim to American Finasco.
  • Ohio

    An Ohio company that manufactured molding made a decisions to cease operations but did not want to file bankruptcy. The client assigned 48 unsecured vendor claims with a volume in excess of $203,000.00.
  • Texas

    An aluminum extrusion company in Texas assigned one lawsuit claim of $228,483.46, for delinquent employee staffing fess for its manufacturing plant. The client was in default with his Asset Based Lender and this lawsuit was a major factor in the dafault


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We provide hope and guidance to business owners who are having difficulty managing delinquent debt; manage effectively problem creditors and relieve pressure and disruption from collection calls so our clients can concentrate on managing their business

Mitchell W. VicknairPresident/CEO

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  • American Finasco is truly a marvel. To my knowledge, I have never dealt with such an efficient, smooth running operation. It was when I almost hit rock bottom; I still recall the day you made the call to my office offering your assistance. we met, discussed our financial situation, and almost two years later I can happily say we show a profit rather than a loss.

    Thank you for proving to us that we don’t have to quit when times get rough.I am being very optimistic when I say we will no longer require your services, however, if ever needed, you will always be highly recommended to any of my colleagues regarding commercial credit counseling

    A Steel Fabricator

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