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National Attorney Network

A network of attorneys is available to handle necessary legal matters and court filings on your behalf. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of most other attorneys who will ask for a large retainer before they will accept the case. This referring attorney network is a major difference in American Finasco’s continued success. Few, if any competitors offer this service to their clients.

American Finasco is committed to, and firmly believes that the extensive attorney network we have established sets us apart from all other debt restructuring organizations. We are not attorneys and therefore are not licensed to give legal advice.

With the huge number of lawsuits, costs of litigation, and overcrowded court dockets, small to medium size businesses need a reasonably priced and obtainable systematic method of solving debt problems. It is extremely costly, time consuming and stressful to hire attorneys. 

American Finasco began developing a National Attorney Network in 1988 shortly after its inception. It became apparent that most clients could not afford to hire an attorney and/or did not know how to go about hiring an attorney.

Clients would therefore ignore the courts demands and in many cases the result was the filing of a default judgment against the client. A judgment filing can be devastating to a business when court ordered collection action is taken. Read More


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    Thank you for proving to us that we don’t have to quit when times get rough.I am being very optimistic when I say we will no longer require your services, however, if ever needed, you will always be highly recommended to any of my colleagues regarding commercial credit counseling

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