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If you are in substantial debt, or if your business if facing financial hardships due to the pandemic, becoming debt-free can be a captivating idea. So much that you may blindly be led into one of the many scams found online.

American Finasco would like to warn every small business owner looking to become debt free of scams, fraud and prevent being taken advantage of. Here are warning signs that companies promising easy, fast ways to become debt-free are, in reality, just scams that will leave your business in a worse position.

  1. You are asked to make a payment before anything is accomplished. Make sure you know that your money is going towards your creditors, so you do not fall further behind or giving money to a company without receiving any real services.
  2. Feeling uneasy or pressured by a debt service company. If you feel uneasy about a company, go with your gut. An aggressive customer service representative is a red flag. A legitimate company is going to be able to give options – without the pressure.
  3. You are told not to contact your creditors. There is no reason not to speak with your creditors, even when legitimate companies, such as American Finasco, reach out to your creditors on your behalf.
  4. Lack of or no information is provided. Remember, you are the customer! Make sure to receive all terms of service in writing, before you commit! If the company you are working with refuses or is hesitant about giving you this information, be suspicious.

American Finasco has several options to reduce your commercial debt which allows you to stay focused on your business. We provide strategies and take the pressure off business owners who are having a hard time managing their debt. The first step when dealing with creditors is a phone call to American Finasco. We provide our clients effective solutions for business debt relief. Contact us today to get your business on the right track! Visit Contact Us and complete our Online Form for a free consultation or call (800) 299-2909. We look forward to speaking with you.