Our Challenge

A small business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that replaces damaged glass on automobiles assigned one claim with a high profile yellow page advertising company. This advertising endeavor was not only unsuccessful but the client felt the aggressive yellow pages’ salesman had been deceptive in promises on return of the ad, automatic renewal of the ad, and the appearance of the advertisement.

Our Process to Success

American Finasco was successful in settling this lawsuit claim, with a total cost to our client of 59%. The claim was assigned to an attorney who answered the lawsuit providing the negotiator additional time to settle before a judgment could be filed.


  • American Finasco is truly a marvel. To my knowledge, I have never dealt with such an efficient, smooth running operation. It was when I almost hit rock bottom; I still recall the day you made the call to my office offering your assistance. we met, discussed our financial situation, and almost two years later I can happily say we show a profit rather than a loss.

    Thank you for proving to us that we don’t have to quit when times get rough.I am being very optimistic when I say we will no longer require your services, however, if ever needed, you will always be highly recommended to any of my colleagues regarding commercial credit counseling

    A Steel Fabricator