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Every business has some form of debt, but it can easily get out of control.

When your business suffers from debt, it can take a toll on your quality of life. Although money cannot necessarily by happiness, it allows our businesses to stay afloat and prosper. On the other hand, debt puts pressure on your business’s finances and stress on the you. This stress can lead to a negative effect on your physical and mental well-being.


Blood Pressure

Studies have found that stress can raise your blood pressure and that results in poorer general health. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Surprisingly, even with younger business owners, debt can still create this health issue.


Stress and Anxiety

The majority of Americans are stressed over financial obligations and money. Overall, anxiety is an issue our society faces today more than ever. Stress levels are at an all-time high and can be linked to higher blood pressure. These problems don’t discriminate. All business owners, young and old can feel the strain of debt.



Depression can occur when a business is failing or struggling financially. When a business owner does not feel in control of his/her finances, symptoms of depression are found to be linked with financial problems. When your business is consumed with debt, hopelessness can set in. This can lead to more debt. Those last-ditch efforts to save your business can hurt more in the long run.


Lower immunity

If your finances are keeping you awake at night, you are not getting the proper sleep your body needs. This can weaken the body’s ability to fight off infection and illness.  Getting the appropriate help with American Finasco, can not only save your business but help maintain good health.


Get help

For the sake of your health, don’t ignore your money problems. For relief, call American Finasco. A simple phone call is your first step to financial freedom – and maintaining your business. American Finasco has several options to reduce your commercial debt which allows you to stay focused on your business. We provide strategies and take the pressure off business owners who are having a hard time managing their debt. The first step when dealing with creditors is a phone call to American Finasco. We provide our clients effective solutions for business debt relief. Contact us today to get your business on the right track! Visit Contact Us and complete our Online Form for a free consultation or call (800) 299-2909. We look forward to speaking with you.