Small Business
Third-party financial intervention can be advantageous for a struggling small business in several scenarios. Here are just a few circumstances where American Finasco can assist: Debt restructuring and negotiation: If a small business is burdened with significant debt and struggling to meet its financial obligations, we can help with debt restructuring. This involves renegotiating loan...
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2023 small business taxes
It’s that time of year again….tax season! There are many rules and changes this year that should be noted by small business owners when filing this year and planning for the next. One thing that never changes is the necessity to keep precise records of your business finances. An excellent example of a notable change...
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No matter your industry, your business will have financial ups and downs. There will be times when sales are booming and droughts when business is slow. Whether you’re navigating tough economic times, the holidays, a difficult moment for your industry, or just a cyclical slump, business owners need a strategy for surviving this slow period....
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Run your business within means
Running your own business can be such a great experience. Being your own boss is satisfying and rewarding. Although there are many highs, there will also be lows, and this usually involves money. Finances are always a great concern, especially when you realize your business isn’t actually making money. Running your own business usually involves...
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when relationships with your bank matter
We have seen many situations in which borrowers have let us know a little too much information. Whether it is cheating on taxes or forcing another lender to give them a discount with bullying techniques and tactics. These people do not become our clients, we cannot trust them. For example, there is a difference between...
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Being realistic with your business goals
Manage your cash flow Many small business owners do not review their numbers regularly or believe that their finances are accurate. Still, “cash is king” is true for all businesses. You can look great on paper, but if you mismanage your cash flow – you become cash poor. This can make it hard to get...
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Know your small business numbers
First, know the numbers If you are not a numbers person, consult with someone who is. It could mean life or death for your small business. Some of us are just not a “numbers person”.  That is fine, but little is more important in business than understanding your financial situation. Numbers give a clear indication...
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American Finasco

A Commercial Debt Management company in Houston, Texas, American Finasco has served thousands of clients in all regions of the United States. The profile of American Finasco’s client is a closely held, under-capitalized corporation, with gross revenue between $500,000 and $100,000,000.

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