Debt Settlement
Financial Freedom
Is financial freedom a myth? For many small business owners, it seems to be. If you feel that finances control your life and every month is a challenge to get bills paid, then financial freedom can feel out of reach. American Finasco helps their clients take the necessary steps toward financial freedom and to get...
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returning to normal
It may be quite some time before business returns to normal. Re-think, re-evaluate and prepare your business for a successful future. Let American Finasco help you through these unknown waters so you can focus on your day-to-day business. Call American Finasco (800) 299-2909 today!
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Cash is King
The future of the economy is more unknown than any time in recent history, but what we do know is “Cash Is King.” Take action with American Finasco to develop a short-term plan that will enable you to have needed working capital.  Contact us (800) 299-2909 or visit
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Using Credit Cards during the pandemic
Many businesses are facing troubling times amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. In another time, choosing between the health and safety for yourself, your business and staff versus profit was an easy decision. Now a days it can come at a serious cost for small business owners. Industries of all kinds are being hit very hard...
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Covid affects on small business
Missed loan application deadlines? Worried there is no hope for your business? We can help you create a short-term plan for a cash strategy that will move you forward. Call American Finasco (800) 299-2909 or visit
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CoVid Business Debt? You are not alone
If you have spent the last few months in quarantine and relying on your credit cards and other forms of unsecured debt to keep your business afloat, you’re not alone. There are so many small business owners who are finding themselves in debt for the sake of their business. But, if you find your business...
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financial support
Is your small business devastated by the pandemic? You need a short-term plan and a cash reserve – let us show you how to create a short-term plan and cash reserve to prepare for the future. Call American Finasco today! (800) 299-2909
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American Finasco’s Response to COVID-19 Financial Crisis
The economy is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 shut down. Many small businesses are facing never before seen issues while experiencing devastating impacts. This is uncharted territory – for all.   Has your business received funds from one of the available programs such as: Paycheck Protection EIDL Loan Account SBA Bridge Loan SBA Debt Relief...
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It’s not uncommon for any small business to experience financial hardships. When this happens, many business owners consider different methods of financing. There are several options available and it can be hard to find the best option for your business. Not all of these options are easily attainable. Here is a look at creditworthiness, one...
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Debt. It can be an ugly truth. Initially, it is easy to deny or minimize the impact it has on your business. The truth is, the longer you are in denial, the more debt you accumulate. Never underestimate how much you owe. Here are 4 signs of debt denial.   Taking on more debt This...
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